Trellidor T-Series fixed and retractable security

World’s strongest
Sliding Security Gate*

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Custom-made to fit

Manufactured to the correct size to protect your doors, windows, patios, passages and stairways.


Easily slides open & closed, in-built strength, patented locking system.


Fixed burglar proofing for windows, open balconies, glass walls, glassed-in staircases & other openings.

Sleek strength

With an easy but strong locking system, our retractable gate is built with a neat, compact sash for strength under attack and smooth operation. Trellidor Plus-T900 and Trellidor Trojan II-T1000 have been strength-tested and certified to Level 2 and Level 1 respectively1

Proven strength

Fully framed on all four sides, watch how we put its strength to the test.

Spoilt for choice

Choose a colour to suit your unique home or office décor style from our flexible range of options.

  • Matt White
  • Matt Bronze
  • Matt Sand
  • Matt Light Brown
  • Matt Aluminium
  • Matt Charcoal
  • Matt Black

Coast friendly

The pre-treatment used in the manufacturing process of this gate enhances corrosion and UV resistance, making it suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.


South Africa’s most popular sliding security gate

Trellidor Retractable Security Gates have been our top selling range since we first developed the design over 40 years ago. What has changed over the years is the strengthening features we’ve added as new technology has become available. What we've retained are all the features our customers love: the robust double trellis design, smooth operation, easy but strong locking system, strength under attack and optional extras such as lift-up tracks.

*suitable for doors and windows


  • Powder coated galvanized steel and aluminum trellis-style security gates
  • Custom made to fit your door, window or other openings
  • Engineered with strengthening features to resist attack
  • Neat, compact sash designed for strength and smooth operation
  • Corrosion and UV resistant even at the coast
  • Several models to choose from according to risk profile and budget
  • High end models internationally certified for strength under attack
  • Fitted with patented Trellidor locking systems
  • Carry warranties against defective workmanship, materials and corrosion
  • Special options such as curved units are available


We have two products that have been certified by the London-based LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), the Trellidor Trojan II – T1000 which is certified to Level 2 standard and the Trellidor Plus – T900 has been certified to Level 1 by the same testing body. The LPCB is widely acknowledged as a leading international certification and approvals body in the fire protection and security industries.


Trellidor's specially designed rivets help provide optimum strength in our security gates and window grilles. Many competitors opt for normal 'off-the-shelf' blind rivets which have a low tensile strength, allowing the barrier's components to be pulled apart relatively easily. Our rivets avoid this weakness and help to improve the strength of our protective barriers.


  • Stronger than standard blind rivets commonly used in our industry.
  • Improves the strength of our units.

The bottom track is an area commonly targeted for attempted break-ins. Trellidor has designed a unique track along with sill guides to help combat this potential attack point.

Our bottom track features a low profile aluminium 'T' track designed to meet international standards


  • Increases strength & resistance to the uprights being pulled off the track.
  • Self-cleaning as it prevents the accumulation of dirt.
  • Scuff resistant.
  • Ease of operation
  • Reduces chance of tripping.
  • Helps prevent corrosion.

This is a unique patented slam lock system designed specifically for retractable Trellidor security barriers and incorporates the dead-lock technology. This locking system is optional on most Trellidor models.

The Trellidor slam lock has three modes of operation (unique to Trellidor). You choose which mode of operation to use when it suits you.

The sash of a trellis door or security gate is made up of the upright bars, the links that cross over these bars, and the rivets that join them all together. Trellidor Retractable trellis gates are strengthened using double uprights (front and back) with links that cross over and connect three upright bars (competitors usually join only two uprights together). Our trellis doors operate smoothly and stack neatly to the side as a result of these features.


  • The system increases the strength of the unit
  • It ensures that the unit does not snag curtains
  • It provides for a neater stack with no exposed edges

Every component making up a security barrier including security gate screws must add to its ability to resist an attack by an intruder. Trellidor uses unique screws that can only be fitted or removed with a custom-made drive socket to help reduce the risk of break-ins. Our security gate screws are also longer than usual to provide extra pull-out resistance for our security gates and burglar bars.

Our fixings are of a unique design that can only be fitted or removed with a custom-made drive socket. This increased tamper resistance minimises break-ins.

The shoulder slides are purpose designed nylon components that joins the trellis to the framework of Trellidor security barriers. The shoulder slides fit snugly into the framework channel, which ensures smooth operation and enhances the overall security and integrity of the barrier.

Shoulder slides manufactured from Nylon 6/6 material.


  • Helps provides maximum strength
  • Ensures smooth & silent operation
  • Enhances corrosion resistance
  • Highly durable

Fully framed security barriers and gates are able to resist attack better than semi-framed or unframed gates. Trellidor Retractable security gates are fully framed, with the four corners interconnected. This means that the gate is not dependent on the fixings only when an intruder is trying to lever it out. Anchor and strike jambs positioned over the bottom track add to the gate’s strength because they connect the bottom track to the sides of the barrier.

Corner cleats join the top track to the anchor and strike jambs. This provides increased strength as it connects the top track to the sides of the security barrier.

  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt Light
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt

Trellidor Retractable security gates come in 2 standard (White & Matt Bronze) and 5 non-standard colours (Sand, Light Brown, Matt Aluminium, Matt Charcoal and Matt Black). Special colours are available on request, allowing you to choose a colour to best suit your decor or your corporate colours.

All Trellidor products are finished in a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. As such the colours on this webpage will have a 5% to 10% variation from the actual product colour. This is due to the difference in the way light reflects off paper, steel and aluminium.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances our products’ corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating is ideal for coastal and inland conditions and increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish.

All Trellidor products are finished in a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. The above colours will vary with the finished product.

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