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Trellidor security gate prevents break-in attempt

A Trellidor Durban West customer says that she has Trellidor to thank for preventing a break-in at her home.  Her Trellidor Retractable security gate put up such resistance that it took too long for the robbers to break through and they were caught in the act, causing them to flee without stealing anything.  Her Trellidor Retractable gate protecting her front door was damaged but had done its job successfully.

“The customer says that she knows nothing is impenetrable but believes that her decision to go with Trellidor was the right one,” said Jit Dosanjh, the Trellidor Sales Consultant that had sold her the gate. He was also on the scene early the next morning to assist with a temporary gate and to place an order for a permanent replacement for the damaged gate.

The homeowner had returned home at about 7.00 p.m. on the night of the attempted robbery to find her dogs outside her gate.  This was unusual and she knew immediately that there was a problem.  She realised that her driveway gate was off its track and had been forced open.  Then she saw a car with four men in it, trying to get out of her driveway, which was now blocked by her car.  They threatened her with a gun and she reversed out to let the car squeeze past her vehicle.

She found that the robbers had tried to get through the security gate’s lock and failed.  They had used a crowbar to try to force the gate out of the doorway, damaging both the door and the security gate.  The gate put up such resistance that it all took too long and the robbers were caught in the act when the homeowner came home.  She is very grateful that she had installed a Trellidor product and has told her neighbours this.  Some of them have since ordered Trellidor products from Jit to protect their own homes.

One of these neighbours posted a message about the incident on Facebook and he pointed out three security issues in this robbery.  One, the house was dark with no lights left on, alerting the robbers to the fact that it was empty; two, the gate had been derailed in order for the robbers to drive in, making a case for safety brackets to be installed on driveway gates; and three, the robbers made a hasty getaway because they saw their car trapped in the driveway by the homeowner.

Lights, safety gates protected by anti-tamper brackets and layers of protection including good quality physical security should be part of everyone’s home safety measures, says Jit.  “We recommend that customers read about the strengthening features of Trellidor barriers on our website or call their nearest Trellidor franchise for assistance.”

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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