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Trellidor franchise owners attend international conference

The entire network of Trellidor franchise owners met in the Drakensburg Mountains in February, the first time the RSA and International franchisees have been together since 2008. “Our 40th birthday gave us a good reason to combine both divisions at one conference and celebrate our history as well as plan for the future of the company,” said Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

“This was a fantastic opportunity for Trellidor franchise owners from around the globe to meet, in some cases for the first time, and to share the many commonalities within the franchise network. Our network has seen incredible growth in overseas markets, proving that the rise in crime is a universal problem and not unique to South Africa.”

Speakers at the formal sessions gave an overview of Trellidor’s growth over the 40 years that the company has been in existence and shared their vision for the future of the brand. The franchise owners were also formally introduced to new acquisitions, Taylor Blinds and NMC (under the Trellidor Innovations umbrella), which created excitement and enthusiasm amongst delegates.

At a formal dinner on the Saturday night, delegates celebrated the continual strive for excellence upon which Trellidor has built its reputation. The RSA 2015/2016 franchise winners were honoured, as were previous winners of the MD’s Award and the very successful Ghana hub, representing Trellidor International.  

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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