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Cheap security gates weakened by rust

Corrosion shortens the life-expectancy of security barriers and diminishes their ability to resist attack. Not something you want to find out when criminals are pounding your security gate with a crowbar. Cheap barriers on doors and windows are usually prone to rusting quickly. Good quality barriers will stay rust-free beyond their guarantee period with a little regular cleaning.


  • We use a state-of-the-art powder coating process including a pre-treatment process to enhance our products' corrosion resistance properties.
  • Our steel components are roll-formed into u-channel profiles with reinforced edges rolled back 180 degrees so all surfaces are coated and corrosion resistant. Competitors use square tubing which is difficult to coat inside, resulting in corrosion from the inside out.
  • Many of our moving components are manufactured with glass-filled nylon rather than steel, so there is no danger of rust. This Nylon 6/6 material has proven its worth in the motor industry.
  • We offer extended guarantees of three years at the coast and five years inland on the manufacturing and workmanship of our products.
  • We demonstrate how to clean your barriers to extend their life well after the guarantees have expired.

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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