Security Applications

  • Doors

    home security
    Security Door Designs Doors are usually the first opening we secure with physical barriers as they seem to be the most obvious point of uninvited entry by intruders. Trellidor has a wide range of designs to choose from for this purpose, but the best known is our Trellidor Retractable Security doors with several locking methods and special options available. Also choose from Trellidor Clear Guard...

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  • Windows

    Trellidor fixed cottage guard used on the windows in a lounge
    Trellidor has an extensive range of burglar guard styles to choose from, depending on the design of the building and personal preference. The selection includes Trellidor Fixed Security, which are non-retractable trellis-style barriers; Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar guards which mimic or match cottage pane windows; Trellidor Burglar Guards in three different designs; Trellidor Clear Guard...

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  • Patios

    Trellidor rollerstyle shutters shown open and closed across lounge doorways
    Outdoor living areas can be protected with any of a number of Trellidor physical barrier ranges for doors and windows. Choose the one that suits your purpose and house design from Trellidor Retractable Security trellis-style barriers; unobtrusive Trellidor Clear Guard security screens that allow you clear views even when closed; or Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters, which have a...

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  • Safe Zones

    Trellidor rollerstyle shutter used across a doorway to create a safe zone
    Homes and offices should be equipped with a safe haven to hide in if security is breached. The home's bedroom area is often a good choice for this as it can be secured for a peaceful night's sleep. Windows can offer an alternative escape route, so make sure they're able to do this by installing Trellidor Retractable Security barriers; or any of the Trellidor Clear Guard security screens that can...

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  • Retail Security

    roller shutter gates protect retail shopfronts
    Trellidor manufactures a range of security barriers to protect retail shop fronts including galvanized steel security gates, security screens, burglar guards and retail roller shutter doors in aluminium. All designs are custom-made to fit the opening and can be customized to cater for safety requirements such as pedestrian tripping. If a range of designs is selected, the barriers can be powder...

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  • Offices

    Office security shutters
    Trellidor office security gates are manufactured in a wide variety of designs from roller shutter doors to security screens to retractable trellis-style security gates.  They can be recessed so that the security gates are out of sight during working hours. Office burglar proofing is also available in a wide range of options and can either be fixed or designed to open.  All office security gate...

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  • Estates

    Estate security systems
    Residential estate security is often restricted in terms of design options to maintain continuity in terms of home style as well as building standards. Trellidor produces a number of estate security systems that comply with these requirements. Trellidor Clear Guard security screens, Trellidor Retractable Security steel gates and Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters can all be...

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  • Special Options

    Custom security gates
    Trellidor is one of the few security barrier manufacturers offering special options to satisfy location-specific needs and/or comply with health and safety regulations such as pedestrian safety in public spaces.  We’re able to engineer custom security gates for contemporary doors such as large pivot doors, revolving doors and other unusual styles. We install gates with recessed or cut-in bottom...

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