Security Products for Home & Work

Physical security barriers on doors and windows are an effective way of keeping people safe at home and work. But you need to be absolutely sure that the burglar gates and guards you purchase can be relied upon to do their job. Trellidor has manufactured security solutions since 1976 and is a market leader in product innovation, manufacturing and customer service. Our security barrier range caters for all levels of risk profile and is custom made for every application to enhance strength integrity.

Design options include Trellidor Retractable gates for external doors, windows, passages and patios; Trellidor Fixed barriers for windows and large expanses of glass; Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar barsTrellidor Clear Guard for doors and windows and Rollerstyle security shutters.

Your choice of home security product from our ranges will be influenced by a number of factors including the location of the premises and the accessibility of the doors and windows. Our Trellidor Sales Consultants are able to recommend the correct mix of barriers for your circumstances.

Many break-ins occur through the lock area, which is attacked with a variety of tools by criminals. Trellidor has developed and patented two security gate lock systems. Each has unique features and the choice of lock will depend on individual needs.

Special Options

Trellidor is one of the few manufacturers that offer special options such as cut-in tracks, hinge-away and hinge-up units, and barriers that can help secure curved or angled windows. And if our Trellidor Sales Consultants are called in at the design stage of a building, we can work with architects on solutions to hide the security barriers to the point where they aren't visible when open. For example, false panels which Trellidor Retractable gates can slide into and out of sight when opened.


We offer a warranty on all our security products, testimony to the confidence we have in the manufacturing and workmanship of our products. Our state-of-the-art powder coating method includes a pre-treatment process that significantly enhances our products’ corrosion resistant properties, and many of our moving components are glass-filled nylon rather than steel, so there is little danger of rust.



Trellidor security products have been certified by a number of external bodies, giving customers confidence in our ability to live up to expectations. The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) has certified our high levels of quality manufacturing excellence and workmanship. The UK-based LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) has certified both the Trellidor T900 and Trellidor T1000 for performance under attack.


Order Your Trellidor Today

Ordering your Trellidor is easy! Start by contacting your nearest Trellidor store - we have over 60 stores around South Africa - and book an appointment with one of our trained security experts. We have great after-sales service and our security gates carry a warranty of up to 5 years against quality, defective workmanship, materials and corrosion resistance. Order your Trellidor now.